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Wednesday Sept 7 Techniques   Solids   Liquids  
Y Nagasaka
Applications of micro and nano-scale thermophysical properties sensing for novel fluids and solids
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  Section Fast Techniques   Section   Advanced Materials II   Section   Petroleum
10:00 6a-1 280 M.Sheindlin 6b-1 217 T. Baba and A. Ono 6c-1 279 Dan Vladimir Nichita, Claude F. Leibovici
Laser Heating in High-Temperature Thermophysics A network database system for thermophysical property data An Analytical Consistent Pseudocomponent Delumping Procedure for Equations of State With Non-Zero Binary Interaction Parameters
10:30 6a-2 124 M. Boivineau, C. Cagran, D. Doytier, V. Eyraud, M.H. Nadal, B. Wilthan and G. Pottlacher 6b-2 63 Xing Zhang, Huaqing Xie, Motoo Fujii, Hiroki Ago, Koji Takahashi, Tatsuya Ikuta, Hidekazu Abe, Tetsuo Shimizu 6c-2 266 Ø Mørch, E Solbraa, A O Fredheim, O Bolland, Kh Nasrifar
Thermophysical properties of solid and liquid TA6V titanium alloy Thermal and electrical properties of a suspended nanoscale thin film Measurement and modeling of hydrocarbon dew points for certain synthetic natural gas mixtures
10:50 6a-3 297 C Cagran, G Pottlacher 6b-3 271 A.Rudajevová, S.Kúdela jn., S.Kúdela 6c-3 30 Kh Nasrifar, O Bolland
Palladium: normal spectral emissivity (at 684.5 nm) and thermophysical properties at the melting transition and in the liquid state. Influence of thermal strain on thermal properties of composites Thermodynamic Properties of Natural Gas Mixtures Using Equations of State
11:10 6a-4 133 H Watanabe 6b-4 87 L David, S Gomčs, B Vassort, P Galland, M Raynaud 6c-4 278 S. Verdier, D. Bessières, S.I. Andersen, H. Carrier
A novel method for measuring specific heat capacity by pulse-heating technique Characterization of thin films using scanning thermal microscopy Towards asphaltenes characterization by simple measurements
11:30 6a-5 153 N D Milosevic, K D Maglic 6b-5 64 Xing Zhang, Peizhong Cong, Yajie Ren, Motoo Fujii 6c-5 317 V Vesovic
THERMOPHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF ZIRCONIUM IN A WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE Numerical and experimental studies on thermal contact resistance at solid-solid interfaces The influence of thermophysical properties on vaporisation of LNG
11:50 6a-6 78 A. Seifter, M.R. Furlanetto, J. R. Payton, A.W. Obst 6b-6 351 G. Neuer, J. Redgrove, D. Talebi 6c-6 7 D Koschel, J-Y Coxam, V Maier
A new millisecond pulse heating system at the Los Alamos National Laboratory Improved access to thermophysical properties data with evitherm Phase equilibria of aqueous systems containing acid gases
  Section Transient Techniques II   Section   Advanced Materials III   Section   Thermal Conductivity
14:20 7a-1 268 A Boudenne, L  Ibos, Y Candau 7b-2 190 I Minato, H Fukuyama, T Ishikawa, P-F Paradis, J Yu and S Yoda 7c-1 194 G. Scalabrin, P. Marchi, F. Finezzo
Analysis of uncertainties associated to thermophysical parameters of materials using a periodic method measurements Density measurement of molten CaF2 by an electrostatic levitator A reference multiparameter thermal conductivity equation for R152a in optimized functional form.
14:40 7a-2 193 H Fukuyama, T Yoshimura, H Yasuda, H Ota 7b-3 83 S H Firoz, T Sakamaki, R Kojima, M Susa 7c-2 27 S V Stankus, R A Khairulin
Thermal conductivity measurements of liquid mercury and gallium by a transient hot wire method in a static magnetic field Refractive index measurements on CaF2 single crystal and melt using ellipsometry Thermal properties of perfluorobenzene near the critical point
15:00 7a-3 37 O Zmeškal, P Štefková, V Boháč 7b-4 304 O.Ts. Sidletskiy, V.I. Goriletsky, B.V. Grinyov, M.M. Tymoshenko, O.V. Sizov, V.V. Sumin 7c-3 326 Nédal Ainous, Latifa Negadi, Ahmed Hajjaji, Ilham Mokbel, Jacques Jose
Fractal Analysis Utilization for Data Evaluation Measured by Transient Methods Thermal fields monitoring when growing large alkali-halide single crystals from melt VAPOR-LIQUID EQUILIBRIA FROM (1 bar to 17 bar) OF BINARY MIXTURES ACETIC ACID- ALKANES BY A STATIC APPARATUS WITH ON-LINE ANALYSIS OF THE VAPOUR PHASE
15:20 7a-4 143 S Malinarič 7b-5 40  G.H. Narzullaev 7c-4 185 G Latini, G Passerini
Thermophysical parametes estimation in dynamic methods Influence micromechanisms fracture fibres on destraction unidirectional composite Transport properties of organic liquids: theoretical models and experimental evidence
15:40 Coffee break
16:00 Leader: Ch Glorieux  Leader:  P Quested   M Assael, B Wakeham 
 Photothermal and related measurement  The Industrial requirements for thermophysical properties - are we responding to industry needs?,  Properties of novel fluids: Bio-nano and beyond
18:00 End 3 Tuesday g Thursday 4