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Tuesday Sept 6 Solids   Techniques   Liquids  
Ph Ungerer
Molecular simulation of the thermophysical properties of fluids : from understanding toward quantitative prediction
9:40 Coffee break 20 minutes
  Section Radiation I   Section   Transient Techniques I Section   Phase Equilibria
10:00 4a-1 77 V.E. Fortov 4b-1 265 R. Brandt, G. Neuer 4c-1 59 J A balderas-López
Dynamic Methods for Investigation of Thermophysical Properties of Materials at High Energy Densities Electric resistivity of aluminium alloys up to and above the melting temperature Thermal-wave photoacoustic setup for precise measurements of thermal diffusiity for liquids
10:30 4a-2 141 C Cagran, B Wilthan, G Pottlacher 4b-2 45 M Gustavsson, H Wang, E Lara-Curzio, R B Dinwiddie, S E Gustafsson 4c-2 69 J. K. Lehmann, Chr. Wertz, A. Tschersich, A. Heintz
Optical properties (at a wavelength of 684.5 nm) and radiance temperatures at the melting point of group VIIIb transition metals cobalt, nickel, palladium and platinum On the Use of the Transient Hot Strip Method for Measuring the Thermal Conductivity of Highly Conducting Thin Bars Thermophysical properties of mixtures containing imidazolium based ionic liquids. Experimental results of liquid-liquid equilibria and liquid-liquid interphase tension along the coexistence curve.
10:50 4a-3 100 R. Coquard, D. Baillis 4b-3 170 R Model, U Hammerschmidt 4c-3 174 L. RODIER, JY COXAM, D KOSCHEL, V MAJER
Radiative properties of dense fibrous media in dependent scattering regime The virtual Experiment Design: Optimizing of the transient hot bridge sensor Experimental determination of enthalpy of absorption and solubility of CO2 in aqueous 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol (AMP) solutions
11:10 4a-4 203 P Echegut, J F Brun, D De Sousa Meneses 4b-4 307 Ľ Kubičár, V Vretenár, V Štofanik, U Hammerschmidt 4c-4 180 Jérôme Pauly, Jean-Luc Daridon, J.A.P. Coutinho.
From transparency to opacity in dielectric compounds with increasing temperature Thermophysical sensors High pressure phase equilibria in methane + synthetic waxes: Influence of the light gas proportion
11:30 4a-5 202 B Rousseau, D De Sousa Meneses, J F Thovert, P Echegut 4b-5 68 U Hammerschmidt, V Meier, R Model 4c-5 103 M. G. Freire, L. M. N. B. F. Santos, I. M. Marrucho and J. A. P. Coutinho
Influence of the texture on the normal spectral emittance of a fused silica glass Transient hot bridge (THB) method: uncertainty assessment Liquid-liquid equilibrium between water and ionic liquids
11:50 4a-6 198 M. J. Hameury 4b-6 145 J Bilek, J K Atkinson, W A Wakeham 4c-6 291 C. Alonso-Tristán, M.C.Martín, J.J.Segovia, C.R. Chamorro, E.A.Montero, M.A.Villamañán
Measurement of total hemispherical emissivity using a calorimetric technique Repeatability and Refinement of the Transient Hot Wire Instrument for Measuring the Thermal Conductivity of High Temperature Melts Excess properties of the ternary mixture tert-amyl methyl (TAME) + methanol + hexane at 313.15 K. 
12:10 Lunch
14:20 Lifetime Award R P Tye  
From Armco Iron to Pyroceram 9606 and Back
15:05 NETZSCH Award M J Lourenço
A bridge between thermophysics and material sciences
15:40 Coffee break
  Section Radiation II   Section   Advanced Materials I   Section   Volumetric and Acoustic Properties
16:20 5a-1 57 M. Broussely, A. Levick, G. Edwards 5b-1 243 E.Neubauer, P.Angerer, G.Korb 5c-1 177 S. Lago, P. A. Giuliano Albo, R. Spagnolo
Simultaneous Measurement of Temperature, Thermal diffusivity, Thermal conductivity and Spectral Emissivity by Photothermal Radiometry. Thermophysical Properties of advanced heat sink materials Speed of sound measurements in n-Nonane at temperature between 294 and 394 K and at pressure up to 100 MPa.
16:40 5a-2 226 L del Campo, R B Perez-Saez, M J Tello, X Esquisabel, I Fernandez 5b-2 306 V Vretenár, Ľ Kubičár, V Boháč, P Tiano 5c-2 182 K Meier, S Kabelac
ARMCO iron normal spectral emissivity measurements Thermophysical analysis of Gioia marble in dry and saturated stage by Pulse transient method Measurements of the speed of sound in liquid propane under high pressures
17:00 5a-3 183 J Gengenbach, S Kabelac, L R Koirala 5b-3 227 M B Sweatman 5c-3 189 G. Scalabrin, P. Marchi, M. Grigiante
Measurement of directional spectral emissivities of microstructured surfaces Self-referential Monte-Carlo method for calculating the free energy of crystalline solids Speed of sound predictive modeling in a three-parameter corresponding states format. Application to pure and mixed haloalkanes.
17:20 5a-4 36 Yu. Yu. Protasov, A. M. Semenov 5b-4 3 Jean Luc BATTAGLIA and Andrezj KUSIAK 5c-4 114 A. J. Queimada, I. M. Marrucho, J. A. P. Coutinho and J. L. Daridon
Experimental Investigation of Thermo-Optical Characteristics of Refractory Dielectric Materials in a Field of High Intensity Radiation Thermophysical characterization of a CrN thin deposit Corresponding states modeling of the speed of sound of long chain hydrocarbons
17:40 5a-5 - - 5b-5 323 R. Samur, H. Demirer 5c-5 113 A. J. Queimada, C. Costa, C. Miqueu, G. M. Kontogeorgis, I. M. Marrucho and J. A. P. Coutinho
- Examination of bond strength and tribological properties of ceramic-polymer composite coating formed by plasma and flame spray Interfacial tension measurements and modeling of hydrocarbon + water systems
18:00 End 3 Monday g Wednesday 4