ECTP2005 Workshops

When incident light is absorbed by a material, the resulting heat generation leads to so called photothermal (PT) phenomena. Along with the increasing possibilities of laser light generation, during the last two decades, PT phenomena have been investigated and exploited more and more for material characterization. In this workshop, the main power of PT techniques, i.e. the accurate and localized determination of bulk, surface and sub-surface thermal material properties will be explained and illustrated by a selection of recently achieved applications. The concept of thermal waves will be introduced and an overview of photothermal excitation and detection schemes will be given. Applications of photothermal determination of thermal material properties will be illustrated, as well as the use of photothermal techniques for the study of the behavior of thermal properties in the neighborhood of phase transitions. Also the potential of photothermal depth profiling of thermal, optical and related properties will be illustrated by different applications.

Also an overview of non-photothermal thermal characterization methods will be given, in order to present a comparison and to catalyze a discussion about the advantages and drawbacks of the different techniques. Attention will also be given to the consequences of specific time dynamics (single frequency, transient, sweep, noise, or others) of different techniques


Prof. Christ Glorieux is the leader of Laboratorium voor Akoestiek en Thermische Fysica, Departement Natuurkunde en Sterrenkunde, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, Also: Postdoctoral researcher FWO-V, Belgium, email

Photothermal and related measurement, leader Ch Glorieux (Belgium)