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Monday Sept 5 Solids     Techniques   Liquids  
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9:20 J Fricke
Vacuum Insulation Panels - Exciting Thermal Properties and Convincing Applications
10:00 Coffee break 20 minutes
  Section Processes   Section   Testing Techniques I   Section   Modeling
10:20 1a-1 199 J A J Robinson, A W D Hills, A T Dinsdale, R F Brooks, L A Chapman, B Roebuck, P N Quested 1b-1 34 A R H Goodwin, A Fitt, K Ronaldson, W A Wakeham 1c-1 75 M J Assael, K Gialou, K KakosimosI, N Metaxa
Prediction of Properties of Steels Relevant to Process Simulation Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) for the measurement of density and viscosity Thermal conductivity of nanofluids - Theoretical review and simulation
10:50 1a-2 102 J Blumm, J Opfermann 1b-2 239 S Yiftah, A Nabi 1c-2 184 Th. Laffite, D. Bessières, M. M. Piñeiro, J. L. Daridon
Thermophysical Properties of Silicon Carbide Green Material Prior to, During and After the Sintering Process Step-Heated Single-Pan Scanning Calorimeter for the Measurement of Heat Capacity of Low Density Materials Modeling of the speed of sound of heavy hydrocarbons using equation of state
11:10 1a-3 156 A Dawson, M Rides, J Urquhart and C S Brown 1b-3 316 P Nesvadba, F Amat 1c-3 35 D Wandschneider, A Heintz
Thermal conductivity of polymer melts and implications of uncertainties in data for process simulation A convenient rapid method of measurement of thermal diffusivity of water-containing materials Spectroscopic and thermodynamic studies of Alcohol + Alkane and Alcohol + Amine Mixtures based on quantum mechanical ab initio calculations of molecular clusters
11:30 1a-4 98 M. Wiener, G. Reichenauer, F. Hemberger, H.-P. Ebert 1b-4 275 M Motosuke and Y Nagasaka 1c-4 73 U. Hohm, L. Zarkovs, M. Damyanova
Thermal conductivity of monolythic synthetic hard carbons as a function of pyrolysis temperature Development of high-speed and real-time sensing technique of thermal diffusivity by the forced Rayleigh scattering method Thermophysical properties of low density neat n-alkanes and their binary mixtures calculated by means of a (n-6) Lennard-Jones temperature-dependent potential
11:50 1a-5 79 K Severing do Couto Aktay, R Tamme, H Müller-Steinhagen 1b-5 269 H Kiyohashi, S Sasaki, H Masuda 1c-5 281 R J Sadus
Thermal Conductivity of High Temperature Multicomponent Materials with Phase Change Apparent thermal conductivity measurements for the separation of heat and mass infiltration in underground sand beds Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids from Molecular Simulation
12:10 Lunch - -
  Section Applications I   Section   Testing Techniques II   Section   Refrigerants
Ref.No. Ref.No. Ref.No.
14:20 2a-1 110 F. Enguehard 2b-1 253 Y Kayukawa, Y Kano, H Sato, K, Fujii 2c-1 117 A P Fröba, C Botero, A Leipertz
Multi-scale modelling of radiation heat transfer through nanoporous superinsulating materials A precise PVT property measurement technique with magnetic levitation Thermal Diffusivity, Sound Speed, Viscosity, and Surface Tension of R227ea (1,1,1,2,3,3,3-Heptafluoropropane)
14:40 2a-2 13 M. Jiřičková, Z. Pavlík, P. Michálek, J. Pavlík, R. Černý 2b-2 134 M Kobayashi, Y Horiguchi, Y Taguchi, T Saiki, Y Nagasaka 2c-2 192 G. Scalabrin, P. Marchi, F. Finezzo
Thermal properties of mineral wool materials partially saturated by water Development of nanoscale thermophysical properties measurement technique using reflectance and fluorescence in near-field A reference multiparameter thermal conductivity equation for R134a in optimized functional form.
15:00 2a-3 93 Thomas Fend, Oliver Reutter, Jörg Sauerhering, Katia Severing do Couto Aktay, Robert Pitz-Paal, Stefanie Angel 2b-3 234 H Jitsukawa, Y Nagasaka 2c-3 236 H Sato, T Adachi, I M Astina
Effective thermal conductivity of metallic foams determined with the transient plane source technique Development of measurement technique to evaluate thermal conductivity of thermoelectric Bi2Te3 submicron thin films by photothermal radiometry Reliable thermophysical-property calculation for refrigerants R32, R125, R134a, R143a, R152a, R410A, and hydrocarbons having theoretical background
15:20 2a-4 - - 2b-4 213 A J Panas, J Sypek 2c-4 16 Jurij Avsec, Giovani Di Nicola, Maks Oblak, Fabio Polonara
- Validation of thermal diffusivity measurement results obtained using modified monotonic heating regime procedure Second and Third Virial Coefficients for Pure Refrigerants: and for Mixtures with R744 - Theoretical Calculations in Comparison with Experimental Data.
15:40 2a-5 - - 2b-5 299 Y.Sato, Y.Anbo, K Yanagase, T.Yamamura 2c-5 238 L Fedele, S Bobbo, M Scattolini, R Camporese
- Development of computer aided dual sinker Archimedean densitometer for high temperature melt Isothermal vapour-liquid equilibrium measurements and correlation for the pentafluoroethane + cyclopropane and the cyclopropane + 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane binary systems
16:00 Coffee break
  Section Applications II   Section   Flash technique   Section   Viscosity
16:20 3a-1 85 Ho-Sung Lee, Se-Won Eun, Kyung-Ju Min 3b-1 218 T. Baba 3c-1 89 E Vogel, V Teske: E Bich
Thermophysical Analysis of High Modulus Composite for Satellite Structure Light Pulse Heating Methods for Thermophysical Property Measurements Viscosity measurements on water vapour and their evaluation
16:40 3a-2 8 M Varenne-Pellegrini, L Puigsegur, J. Pavie, T Lanternier 3b-2 48 J. Blumm, A. Lindemann, B. Niedrig 3c-2 201 F J P Caetano, J M N A Fareleira, A Fernandes, C M B P Oliveira, A P Serro, W A Wakeham
Comparison of thermal conductivities of highly insulating materials and estimation of thermoradiative properties of coatings in spatial conditions Measurement of the Thermophysical Properties of an NPL Thermal Conductivity Standard Inconel 600 Diisodecylphthalate (DIDP) – a potential standard of moderate viscosity: comparative study of surface tension effects on capillary viscometer calibration.
17:00 3a-3 163 U Gross, G Barth, R Wulf, K Raed 3b-3 122 M. Akoshima, T. Baba 3c-3 242 F. J. V. Santos, C. A. Nieto de Castro, John H. Dymond, Natassa K. Dalaouti, Marc J. Assael and Akira Nagashima
Gas-Atmosphere and Pore Size Distribution Effects on the Effective Thermal Conductivity of Nano-Scaled Insulations Study on a thermal diffusivity standard for the laser flash method measurements Reference Data for the Viscosity of Liquid Toluene in wide Ranges of Temperature – IATP Project Final Report
17:20 3a-4 29 Gaosheng Wei, Xinxin Zhang, Fan Yu 3b-4 38 O. Yu. Troitsky , H. Reiss 3c-4 318 K Venkatramanan, V Arumugam 
Thermal conductivity of xonotlite insulation material Flash method for remote sensing of thermal diffusivity and absorption coefficient of thin film materials at the excitation wavelength VISCOSITY STUDIES ON  POLY PROPYLENE GLYCOL (PPG) IN DIFFERENT SOLVENTS
17:40 3a-5 - - 3b-5 - - 3c-5 90 D Seibt, J Wilhelm, E Vogel, D Buttig, E Hassel
- - Viscosity measurements on gaseous ethane
18:00 End g Tuesday 4